The International Testing Authority

The International Testing Authority (ITA) aims to serve the educational community through the benchmarking of qualifications for Tertiary Education and by providing the opportunities for learners to demonstrate their full potential while aiming to inform and inspire lifelong learning.

ITA also works in partnership with KGL Country Partners, national authorities and stakeholders to advance world understanding through educational activities and assessment and strives to develop closer links between students and teachers internationally through its language contest and Early Learner Tests.

The KGL Contest English Olympiad

The KGL Contest English Olympiad is open to all non-native speaking students from non English medium schools in grades 3-12 (generally between the ages of 8 and 17).
It is an International educational event held every year around the world.
The tests are aligned to the CEFR levels and offered at levels Pre-A1 (Breakthrough) A1, A2 ,B1 and B2. Each country registers students through its official KGL Country Partner. The contest is available in paper based and computer based formats.

The contest comprises 3 stages – with Stages 1 and 2 taking place in the participants’ home countries. Approximately the top 10% of participants from each level in stage 1 progress to stage 2. Candidates' answer sheets are sent to ITA for marking.

Stage 3 – The Global Winner Event – takes place in Europe each year. Qualifying finalists who have been selected by their country to participate in the three-day event compete for one of the Global Prizes and for the Overall Global Winner prize offered by ITA.

For information on the KGL Contest visit www.KGLcontest.org


3plejump Early Learner Tests

The Triple Jump tests (HOP, STEP & JUMP) aligned at levels Pre-A1, A1 and A2 are open to students whose first language is not English. The tests are offered globally and are designed to suit different language learning needs while based on classroom learning. No specific preparation is necessary.
The tests are aimed at students in primary and lower-secondary education. They provide a clear motivational path for students to improve their English. Every student is awarded a certificate with their performance shown by the number of highlighted emblems on the certificate. The Triple Jump tests are uniquely designed to appeal to students and are a response to the desire of numerous teachers for a test that also promotes the use of students’ cognitive skills to deduce meaning from language

For information on the 3ple Jump Early Learner Tests visit www.3plejump.com